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I'm Seeing RED!

Everyone likes secrets!! The Red Lens Reveal (Red Blue Reveal) strategy creates a unique opportunity for students to be engaged and entertained by SECRET MESSAGES!

How Does it Work?

By creating a blue (cyan) section of text masked by red, yellow and pink, hidden words can be revealed using a transparent red lens.  Simply hold a lens over the a masked image, and the hidden text shows through.  This strategy works when printed in color, but can also work when displayed on a tablet or PC screen!

Simply edit the Google Slide and add your own 
SECRET MESSAGE!  Students will be THRILLED to discover what hides beneath.

4 Inexpensive Ways to Reveal

#1. Make your kiddos feel like genuine spies!!! Oriental Trading Company offers 24 of these decoders for $4.

#2.  These inexpensive cellophane bags work PERFECTLY to reveal hidden text

#3.  Make your own red reveal glasses! Download this template and have students construct during STEAM time using inexpensive red cellophane bags (above).

#4.  Incorporate even more science and use red food coloring in a clear glass!

5.  Turn your cell phone into a red lens!!!!!

6 Ideas for ANY Content Area!

#1. Secret Reveal Surprises (Treasure box, stickers, pencils, etc.)
#2. Use in a
#3. Content based Scavenger Hunts similar to QR Code Scavenger Hunts
#4. Behavior Management Reward Cards
#5. Self Correcting Stations
#6. Use with other student engagement strategies!
#7 Use with CoSpaces to create your OWN Red Reveal Cubes!!

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