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The End of the Year Drag...

It's the end of the year.  The days loom long and engagement has become a challenge.  How does a teacher cope?  How can we continue to reinforce content, engage students and finish the year strong?

These tips can help make the end of the year march NOT seem so much like a Bataan Death March and a little more like a celebration of KNOWLEDGE and CRITICAL THINKING!   🙌

Stage a Crime Scene

Imagine students entering the room to the sight of a chalk outline on the floor.   a crime has been committed!  Encourage evaluation, exploration and evidence based writing by presenting students with a crime scene scenario.  ONE FULL WEEK of engaged exploration!!

Scavenger Hunts

Digital or not, everyone LOVES a treasure hunt! Goosechase and Klikaklu are GREAT apps for creating digital scavenger hunts for students.  Set them up with picture riddles, group picture challenges or puzzles to solve as they compete for bragging rights in their class scavenger hunt!

At a loss for ideas?  This bundle focuses on CONTENT as each scavenger hunt sends students from clue to clue as they gather up information to solve a riddle.  It's a GREAT way to reinforce content and provides a mystery for students to solve.

Escape Rooms

The escape room CRAZE has hit the classroom!  Rather than break out of a room, how about breaking in to  a box???  Breakout EDU provides hundreds of tested scenarios for you to use in your classroom to reinforce critical thinking and keep students engaged.  Want to create your OWN breakout??  Here are some tips to help you along the way!!

Celebrate Vocabulary Prowess

Grab some GREAT vocabulary; an adjective FILLED with meaning and head OUTSIDE. Stage a sidewalk chalk vocabulary competition.

Challenge each student to a Word Art competition where they illustrate a word via Chalk Art in some way.  Guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser!!

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