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CoSpaces and Merge Cube

A really exciting thing happened recently in the world of MergeCube......CoSpaces just added integration with MergeCube.  Now if I'm speaking Greek to you at the moment, I may need to back up and provide you with a little bit of background, so read on and catch up to speed on these two AMAZING EdTech Tools.  For my other EdTech friends who are already familiar with Merge Cube and CoSpaces, just scroll down to What Can I Do?

What is MergeCube?

Integrating AR/VR principles, a Merge Cube is a small foam device that allows you to hold a hologram IN YOUR HAND!! The Merge Cube is basically a Augmented Reality trigger. Each side of the cube has a distinct pattern which is recognized by the Merge Cube suite of apps including CoSpaces! For MORE on the MergeCube visit:

What is CoSpaces?

CoSpaces Edu is an intuitive educational technology enabling students and teachers to easily build their own 3D creations, animate them with code and explore them in Virtual or Augmented Reality.  This tool provides the user with a 3D 'space' that can be modified by adding 360 images as well as 3D elements to create virtual worlds!  CoSpaces recently partnered with Merge Cube to also allow custom CoSpaces creations to be viewed on the Merge Cube.

What Can I Do?

MergeCube/CoSpaces Book Review Project
While I haven't explored ALL of the possibilities, I did do a little dabbling in the new MergeCube/CoSpaces section and came up with a project that I'm VERY excited about!  Here's a video preview:

The idea is that with CoSpaces, you can upload images and position them to appear on each side of the Merge Cube.  My goal with this project is to bring book reviews into the 21st Century.  Essentially students edit a set of Google slides based upon a novel that they’ve read. They then log-in to a CoSpaces account and upload images of the slides and move/position them into place on the Merge Cube. Students can also add a 3D model of a character (or characters) that fit their novel and VOILA you have a student generated book review viewable in 3D on a MergeCube!! 

Take a look at the YouTube Tutorial Here:

MergeCube/Breakout Challenge
Another option is to customize cubes to feature Breakout puzzles or problems to solve in a more interactive way.  With this one I used a set of Google Slides to make a problem 'path' for students to follow.  When all of the problems were solved, they had a 5 digit code which can be used to unlock a lock or a Google Form.  Fun with or without a Breakout Challenge!

Another option is to customize cubes to feature a BioCube.  With this one I used a set of Google Slides to feature an significant person in history and their achievements.  Each Google slide is edited by students and when they are finished, they download them as images and adhere them to the cube within CoSpacesEDU

To create these projects, you’ll need a CoSpaces Pro account and the CoSpaces app on a tablet or phone.   To get a FREE trial use code:  COSMARYHO. 

You'll also need a Merge Cube!  Here is a little more on the Merge Cube.

Get YOUR Merge Cube here:

Of course you'll also need to be