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The Wieners of an Egyptian Afterlife

With seventy, one-dollar bills in my pocket, I'm on a mission to obtain a very select group of items. One dollar from each student in my class waits patiently in my purse to purposely purchase items that will PREVENT putrefaction.  My dollars are earmarked to help fund a journey 4000 years back in time to the days of the Egyptians.

The items I seek are:
  • 6 lbs of Baking Soda
  • 80 Oscar Meyer Wieners
  • 2 lbs of Salt
  • 100 lunch bags
  • 1 container of cinnamon
  • 3 yards of gauze or fabric cut into strips
  • Sequins
Needless to say, this is no ordinary shopping list and they aren't ingredients for a magical time travel potion, for in my cart are

The Wieners of an Egyptian Afterlife.

Making Mummified Hotdogs

Step #1:        Measure the Mummy to Be
-Using a piece of string, measure the length and circumference of the hot dog.
-Using a scale, weigh the hot dog.
-Draw a sketch of the pre-embalmed hotdog
-Record all observations

Step #2:      Enter the Ibu…you are Now an Embalmer.

Step #3 - #5:  Canopic Capture
-Mime/Emulate the Egyptian procedures for preparing a body for the afterlife.  Including brain removal, removal of lungs, liver, stomach and intestines.    Leave the heart in the body.

Step #4:  BEGIN Dehydration Process
-Take a brown paper bag.  Write student names on the bag.
-Place 1 cup of the natron mixture into your paper bag.
-Place your hot dog on the mixture.
-Place another cup of the natron mixture into the bag.
-Sprinkle cinnamon in the bag to reduce odors.
-Place entire preparation in a warm, dry area for 1 - 2 weeks.

Step #5:  Dehydration is Finished
-Remove the hotdog from natron concoction.
-Discard bag and ingredients.
-Re-measure and record the changes in the hotdog.

Step #6:  Prepare for the Journey to the Afterlife
-Have students write hieroglyphic lettering or messages with fine point sharpie onto the gauze/linen bandages.
-Wrap bandages around the mummified hot dog.
-Tuck Magical amulets, or charms (sequence)  into the wrappings.

Step #7:  Build/Decorate a Sarcophagus 
-Fold and tape together.
-Insert mummy into sarcophagus.

.....and that's a wrap!

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