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Bored Students. Google Cardboard that is!

My Google Cardboard journey has begun.  As of yet, I do not know where it will lead me, but I've become intrigued, have begun diving in, and here's what I've discovered.

#1.  Google Cardboard is a high-tech, low-cost, approachable way to bring the Occulus Rift style Virtual Reality into your classroom.

#2.  Google Cardboard CAN be made with a LOT of patience and a few easy to obtain supplies.

I downloaded these templates to make my own:

-I ordered these Lenses:   25*45MM BiConvex Lens for Google Cardboard 3D VR Glasses

-I bought these magnets:  Home Depot.  Neodymian Disc and Button Magnets. 

#3.  Google Cardboard requires a LOT less patience if you just order it online.  There are MANY MANY MANY suppliers and it can be a bit overwhelming to peruse all of the options.  I was EXTREMELY happy with my Amazon purchase for $11.99 which had me up and running on Cardboard within a day.  It was easy to fold and easy to understand.

#4.  There are a few dabbling educators and concrete, approachable classroom resources are slowly beginning to emerge.  The Cardboard app is the best way to get started.  The app offers several 'modes' for exploring how cardboard works.  The Urban Hike mode was the most intriguing for me and had me journeying to The Great Barrier Reef, Shanghai, Paris, London and even New York City!  These journeys helped me realize the WOW factor for students when it comes to integrating this technology into the classroom for virtual field trips.

#5.   Speaking of virtual field trips, explore the Expeditions program!  Expeditions is a virtual reality platform built for the classroom. The creators of Expeditions have worked with content partners from around the world to create more than 100 engaging journeys - making it easy to immerse students in entirely new experiences.  To get involved, visit their website and request a visit.

#4. Apps.   More and More apps are appearing that capitalize on this great technology.  Here are the iOS apps I've explored.



Stereotopic Tunnel

Dive City Rollercoaster:

3D Tube:

The Height:

Tales from the Minus Lab:

#5.  #360 Video.  I highly recommend you follow 360 video channel on YouTube.  This initiative has people all over the world recording 360 videos that provide authentic 3D experiences (even without Cardboard).  If viewed on cardboard, the immersive effect is even greater! This video is the launching point for my first Cardboard Classroom Initiative (explained below)  Watch 360 videos on tablet or mobile devices for the most enhanced experience.  Here's how to use 360 Videos!

Android Viewing of 360 Video
If you have an Android device, you can view the YouTube 360 videos through Google Cardboard for a completely immersive VR experience.  Open videos on your Android Smart Device and click the      symbol.  This will convert the YouTube presentation to a Photosphere view and allow you to view and interact with the video through Google Cardboard.

iOS Viewing of 360 Video - NOW AVAILABLE!!!

As of November, 2015, iOS doesn’t have a YouTube 360 support app provided through Apple or Google, however, and independent developer HAS devised a viewer for Google Cardboard.  This viewer is called:  in360Tube,

#6.  Cardboard Classroom Initiative.  Want to try it???    Here's are some ideas!!!

Never bored with cardboard or