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Precisely the Perfect Picker

In pursuit of the perfect picker that DOESN'T require too much time and effort, I decided to explore and develop a list of recommended websites and methods for randomizing and choosing....all very fun and useful in a classroom!

A Freshly Plucked Pile of Pickers

Get Coffee
Designed as a virtual rock/paper/scissors style website, this site works great as a student selector. Is simply and easy to edit and use.

Class Tools
This tried and true random-name-picker by classtools has been a standby in my class for years. The carnival wheel is one my students love.

Fruit Machine
Also by Class Tools, this fruit_machine provides a slot machine format with beeping sounds and 'yaaaay' cheering...annoying to me but the students love it. I use it for vocabulary/alphabet bingo games.

Decide Now
Everyone thanks me after I recommend this $.99 app!! It's truly one of my favorites. Make customized spinners for ANY topic. I keep it on my phone and have pre-built spinners with student names, the alphabet letters A - Z (for bingo) and for fun conversation starters.

Random Name Selector
The cute background with camel picture and customizable interactive spinner make this one fun. I like the option to remove a name as well as the spin timer.

Ask Alexa!! If you have an Echo or Echo Dot, Alex is a GREAT way to get randomized numbers, generate a coin flip and more!

A Juicy Bonus Idea

Customize Your OWN Picker (Courtesy of Tony Vincent)

Here's an example:  (Hit F5 or refresh to see the randomized items)

The above website required a bit of time and tinkering but it allowed me to create a completely randomized PRIZE website.  Each Friday my students hit REFRESH one at a time to see what they've won!!

Classroom Integration Ideas
  • Add student names to pickers for stations, student selection, line leaders, classroom chores and turn taking
  • Create conversation questions (for student icebreaker activities)  Include questions like:  What are you most proud of? , Who is the bravest person you know? , What foods do you like? 
  • Create your own story starter lists!
  • Place vocabulary words within spinners and encourage journal writing using the words spun
  • Create poetry evaluation spin prompts
  • Create reflection prompts to use as exit an after lesson assessment. 
  • Practice parts of speech nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. 
  • Create spinners with review questions on them
  • Use blooms taxonomy to create thinking spinners with leveled questions. Students spin and answer corresponding question

So many ways for