Tuesday, April 4, 2017

I'm Seeing RED!

Everyone likes secrets!!  The Red Lens Reveal (Red Blue Reveal) strategy creates a unique opportunity for students to be engaged and entertained by SECRET MESSAGES!

How does it Work?

By creating a blue (cyan) section of text masked by red, yellow and pink, hidden words can be revealed using a transparent red lens.  Simply hold a lens over the a masked image, and the hidden text shows through.  This strategy works when printed in color, but can also work when displayed on a tablet or PC screen!
Try it For Yourself!!"
Editable Red Reveal Google Slide
Simply edit this Google Slide and add your own SECRET MESSAGE!  Students will be THRILLED to discover what hides beneath.

Hide and See App
This FREE app will create a customized, downloadable red reveal hidden text.  It can be a bit glitchy and the resulting image is small and allows for a limited amount of text to be hidden but I've had some success using this app.

What can I use to Reveal Text??

  • Make your kiddos feel like genuine spies!!!  Oriental Trading Company offers 24 of these decoders for $4.

  • I tend to like the FREE option of cutting apart a plastic file folder or the inexpensive option of purchasing cellophane wrapping paper from a dollar store.

  • Incorporate even more science and use red food coloring in a clear glass!

List of Ideas for Red Reveal in the Classroom

 (ANY content area!)

#1. Secret Reveal Surprises (Treasure box, stickers, pencils, etc.)
#2. Use in a Breakout.edu
#3. Content based Scavenger Hunts similar to QR Code Scavenger Hunts
#4. Behavior Management Reward Cards
#5. Self Correcting Stations
#6. Use with other student engagement strategies!

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