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Piecing Together EdPuzzle

EdPuzzle is a fantastic tool that allows you to customize ANY video to serve as an interactive lesson!   All you need to do to use EdPuzzle is to choose a video (or upload your own) and add your own multiple-choice questions, voiceovers, stop points, open-ended questions, etc.  Can you say 1:1 WOW??!?!

EdPuzzle allows you to pull videos from YouTube and customize them to use in your classroom for assessment, instruction or comprehension checks.  You can even assign the videos to students that you've imported from Google Classroom,  and score their performance within the EdPuzzle Gradebook.  Best of all, EdPuzzle promotes sharing!!  If you have a video that you KNOW can support student learning, you can see how other educators have used that video, what questions they've added to the video, and use or modify it for your students. 

Here's an example of an Edpuzzle creation I used this year in to help teach characterization

Video Editing Features

EdPuzzle has a FREE Basic account, and in that account you can locate videos from YouTube, crop the video as you see fit, and then edit those videos with your OWN Voiceovers, Audio Notes, Open Ended questions, Comments or Multiple Choice Questions. (For my example I use a Cause and Effect Lesson featuring the ADORABLE Ormie the Pig.)

Crop a Video: crop a video down to just the important stuff.

Voiceover:  Record a voice over in a particular section of a video to explain an important concept in a way that you prefer.  

Audio Notes: Get your students' attention - pause the video for an introductory comment, to explain a concept in more detail, or just to make sure they're not sleeping.

Questions:   Add three styles of questions to your videos!!  1. Open-ended questions. These questions are perfect if you want your students to give a free response.  2. Multiple-choice. Here you can select which answers are correct and incorrect. Test your student's understanding with all kinds of question formats, like true/false, single answer, multiple answers and more. These are graded automatically and results are in the Gradebook section of EdPuzzle. 3. Comments. This is your tool for telling your students anything you need them to know about the video. Add context, give instructions or add an interesting fact!

Learn More About EdPuzzle

Need Help Finding Video Ideas????

For YEARS I've been using Animated Short Films as instructional tools in my ELA Classroom.  I simply provide students with a link to a video, and give them with a worksheet with stop points to answer questions and guide their understanding through the video.  Check them out here:


Eliminate the Need For a Worksheet!

What I LOVE about EdPuzzle, is that it can pretty much eliminate the need for worksheets 😃  With so many classrooms converting to 1:1 platforms, it's nice to know that there's a better option!!  I have now taken the stop points that I created  in these printables, and converted them to EdPuzzle activities for my students!  If you're trying to get inspired or just getting started with EdPuzzle, download these activities to help you get started.  Here you'll get ideas for videos to use to support your reading instruction, questions to insert into EdPuzzle and you'll be glad you were: