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AR Vision with QuiverVision

It's no secret that I'm a fan of all things AR/VR in the classroom, but I also understand that the prospect of integrating AR/VR can be intimidating to some educators OR at times educators find it difficult to find a seamless way to integrate AR/VR strategies into the curriculum without forcing it.

One GREAT way to get started with Augmented Reality in the classroom is through an app that's been around for awhile, yet truly is compelling for students, and that's Quivervision (formally named ColAR)

Augmented Reality Coloring Pages

Quivervision combines the 'low tech' activity of coloring, with 'high tech' augmented reality.  Using Quivervision requires you to download and print coloring pages that serve as triggers for its AR app.  Each page, once colored,  has multimedia components that activate when the corresponding Quivervision app is aimed at the colored page.  As a result, sneakers dance, birds animate, or a flag waves....all with the same colors that students applied to the page during their coloring/decorating time!

The Quiver app is available for iOS, Android, and Fire OS and there are two choices of apps:

#1.  The Original Quiver App.  This app is free and there are MANY free pages for you to test out!  Several of the collections require in-app purchases (around $2.99 each) to unlock them.

#2.  The Quiver Education App . This app is a paid-for app (iOS:  $7.99, Google Play:  $5.49)  that requires a one time fee to access ALL of their educational materials.  Within the printable coloring pages are plant/animal cells, pi-day activities, design a flag, earth map, platonic solids, landmarks, sea creatures and MORE!!

Quiver Companion Project Ideas

#1.  Back to School
As the new school year approaches, I'm hoping to integrate augmented reality right out of the starting gate.  To assist me in this endeavor, I've decided to use the QuiverVision Starter Pack #1 and the Converse Shoe Coloring page:
Converse Shoe

Students will plan their shoe based on a guide page that asks them questions related to the design of a shoe such as:

Tongue:  What do you like to talk about? 

Heel:  What makes you stubborn?  

Toes:  What keeps you on your toes?

and then decorate their QuiverVision page to reflect their personalities and then share!!

Get this fun QuiverVision Back to School Activity here!!

Quiver Vision Converse ShoeQuiver Vision Shoe

#2.  Earth Map

The QuiverVision Earth Map (FREE) makes a GREAT reinforcement tool for students learning the geography of the world.  When I use it, I provide them with a companion sheet giving students directions on how to color each section, label continents and oceans as well as adding an equator, prime meridian and a compass rose.

Quivervision Earth Map

Get the fun QuiverVision Earth Map Activity here!!

#3.  Dot Day

Not to be overlooked is the tremendously fun Dot Day QuiverVision page!  This FREE page was created to help educators celebrate International Dot Day (September 15)  Inspired by Peter H. Reynold's story, The Dot, educators can encourage students to "make their mark".   I love using this page along with the book to reinforce our studies of Identifying Theme in fictional text.  We color our dots with a theme or slogan to guide us throughout the school year.

Get your DOT DAY QuiverVision coloring page here!