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All the Hype About Hyperdocs

If you haven't heard of Hyperdocs, they're an AMAZING tool for instruction, especially in the 1:1 classroom. A reimagined perspective on the old 'webquest', a Hyperdoc concentrates learning in a one-stop-shopping style format and allows educators to integrate digital learning into their instruction in an attractive format WITHOUT providing students a list of links.  Each student has their OWN version of the document that they utilize to drive their own instruction.  With the advent of classroom management systems (such as Google Classroom) facilitating the dispersal of a Hyperdocs document to each student is easier than ever!!

The Hyperdoc Girls are truly the brainchild behind the Hyperdoc revolution, and should be given credit where credit is due! Their timely idea, tips and resources for use, bring this terrific instructional tool with a digital twist into ANY classroom.  Their website is a MUST SEE with dozens of FREE templates!  Their book provides amazing tips for those wishing to venture into this instructional avenue.

My foray into Hyperdocs began in Social Studies class.  I had seen the concept and wanted to integrate it in an inquiry based lesson, so the concept of ADRIFT came about.  In this Hyperdoc, students are presented with a situation; they are on a boat that is ADRIFT on the Nile River.
Rosetta Stone Lesson Plan

In order to 'save' themselves, they have a mystery to solve and a series of locations, items and information they must collect in order to survive.  As they investigate each question, they are using embedded tools such as the explore feature in Google Documents, Google Maps, and Google Image Search.

Rosetta Stone Lesson Plan

By framing their experience in a problem/solution way, students were extremely engaged in the learning.  My objectives were to have students learn about the Rosetta Stone, how it was found, by whom, where it was found as well as why it is important.  In the process, we secured their knowledge of the geography of Ancient Egypt as well.  This experience was MUCH MORE interactive and robust than simply providing them with questions, a textbook or a worksheet.  

As a Science teacher this year, my goal was to find more way to integrate Hyperdocs to assist with instruction of the Next Generation Science Standards for Middle School AND expand my use of Hyperdocs to include MORE digital options for students to demonstrate learning/understanding.  These goals came about by providing students with this Hyperdoc featuring Electromagnetic Waves aligned to the MS-PS4-2 Next Generation Science Standard.   

What I LOVE about this that students first activate their background knowledge on the topic by adding slides to this virtual bulletin board.  

Students then learn about each feature of Electromagnetic Waves by watching videos that are directly embedded within the Hyperdoc.  The videos are programmed to show ONLY the content that I want students to see.  Students watch the video clips that isolate the instructional concept and then demonstrate their understanding right on the Hyperdoc in the "DO" column.

This Hyperdoc also combines two of my favorite digital strategies for showing student understanding of concepts,  the Class Tools SMS Text Generator AND the Fodey Faux Newspaper Generator.

Here is a video tutorial showing how the texting chat feature works! 

Hyperdocs are transformative, customizable, interactive, engaging, relevant, promote digital skills & creativity, and best of all, they demonstrate that you are: