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STEM Project: Shamrock Circuit!

Certainly circuits seem intimidating at first, but honestly with a little patience and the right materials you can learn how to create a circuit and launch creative STEM learning experiences into your classroom!

I am presently working with my school librarian to set up a MakerSpace for my school and it is definitely QUITE a project.  Harvesting donations, acquiring storage space, establishing a vision, securing and funding supplies/materials and many other tasks loom large on my MakerSpace 'to do' list.

Convinced I would NOT become overwhelmed (I teach ELA and social studies too...😳), I decided to start small by creating a monthly STEM challenge.

Each month, a STEM challenge box will be waiting for students in the MakerSpace area in the library.  Students are invited to tackle the challenge.  Successful students must submit a reflection sheet:

Once students complete the project and submit their reflection sheet, they earn the monthly MakerSpace Challenge badge and have their name listed on the wall of fame!!

Badge created with

With rosey cheeks (enhanced by LEDs) and a cute little grin, I'm confident this lucky charmer will win my students over!

The whole concept of circuits was a bit intimidating to me at first, but the web is filled with valuable resources to make circuitry projects approachable for virtually ANYONE!  Some of the best resources I canvased to make this project were:  Makerspaces, MakeSparkFun and Instructables.

Each site provides excellent FREE printables, downloadable materials and instructions to get yourself launched into the world of the paper circuit.

My version of a paper circuit is this Shamrock circuit and it is a GREAT way to bring a robust STEM learning experience into your classroom!

Get the template here!!

Materials Needed:

1 Shamrock template sheet 
<--click get="" p="" to="" yours=""><----download br="" here="" yours="">●1 coin battery
●Copper Tape with conductive adhesive
●2 LED lights (Light Emitting Diode)
●Regular Adhesive Tape
●Binder Clip
●Reflection Sheet
●Markers/colored pencils for added decoration


  • Establish a parallel circuit by adhering the copper tape from the battery resting place along the guidelines on the template
  • Punch through 2 LED lights to form the 'cheeks'
  • Spread the LED terminals so that the longer one touches the + side and the shorter one touches the - side.  Tape in place.
  • Place battery + side up on the marked location
  • Fold corner along the foldline to connect the copper to the battery and clip with a binder clip to secure.
  • Decorate.
Want more?   

Certainly circuits are worth trying, as long as you're:

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