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Students Love Memes....and I Meme it!

Stickers, I fear, are rapidly becoming an archaic remnant from the instructional past.  As classrooms turn towards 1-1 computers with digitized projects and assignments, we've lost opportunities to adhere colorful little circles of support on student work. 

What is a Meme?
An internet meme is essentially a piece of digital media (often a well known picture or animated picture) that spreads from person to person via the Internet and is typically humorous in nature.

If you've ever tried the the review game Quizzizz or spent ANY time lurking around the social media sites that are popular with students, you know that the iGen set LOVES Memes! (Quizzizz is a review game similar to Quizlet Live or Kahoot that challenges students to answer questions and rewards their success/or chides the lack thereof, with clever memes)

Here are Some Memes that I Created:
So Here's an Idea!!!  (I Probably Deserve a Sticker for This...)

What I have found is that student submissions that occur digitally, don't get the impact of personalization that a sticker and/or handwritten notes used to provide, so I started uploading digital memes in the form of feedback onto digital assignments (with the requisite corny pun) and my students LOVE them.

There are MANY meme-making sites that you can use.  I used ImageChef and Canva for the ones I created.  

Once my arsenal of memes was built, I simply reviewed student work that was submitted on Google Classroom and adhered (inserted) a meme image right onto the document along with my grading rubric, comments, etc.

.....and next time we did a digital assignment....THEY ASKED IF I WAS DOING MEMES AGAIN!!!

It's obvious who'd been