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3D Design for ANY Learner!

Being an advocate of STEM, Makerspaces 3D design and ANYTHING digital, this year I decided to collaborate with a good friend to bring STEM experiences to learners with a variety of abilities.

This project was designed as a holiday gift initiative, and brought together an interdisciplinary experience that allowed students to engage in a STEM experience with 3D printing and making holiday treats!

Here's How We Did It!!

  • Locate small holiday designs...bells, stars, stockings, etc.  
Holiday Clipart

  • Print the designs.  Make them approximately 3 x 3
  • Take a CLEAR ziplock baggie, lay it over the design and trace the outline ONLY
Cookie Cutters

  • Log into Thingiverse with FREE MakerBot Account
  • Open Cookie Cutter Customizer 
  •  (Option #2:  Cookie Caster:
  • TAPE the ziplock baggie onto the computer screen.  This allows student to follow the pattern of the mouse to trace their design within the constraints of the box on the screen.  (Designs cannot be effectively scaled and traced by laying them under the mouse.)

  • Click ‘Create Thing’. Name the File.
  • Item's will appear in your queue where you can download and convert to a file type that is compatible with the printer that you are using
Dremel 3D40 in the classroom

----Click here for a Google Document with Directions

3D Design for ALL levels of learners while