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Hologram Viewer for iPad/iPhone

Remember overhead projectors?  Surely you have one of these dinosaurs steadily gathering dust in the back corner of a classroom at your school, a trusty back up plan in the event of a technological apocalypse.  I know that my school has a few of these mini-metallic brontosaurus-like contraptions lying around, but better yet, we also have leftover overhead transparencies which are the true inspiration for this creative project that I'm THRILLED to share with you!!

How To Make a Hologram Viewer for your iPad/iPhone

Step #1:  Obtain an Overhead Transparency
Step #2:  Download template
Step #3:  Tape template onto the transparency
Step #4:  Cut the OUTSIDE of the template with scissors, then carefully cut the inside.  Do NOT cut the dotted lines.
Step #5:  Before removing the template, fold and firmly crease the template (and transparency) at the dotted lines.
Step #6:  Remove the template and discard
Step #7:  Mold and shape the folded transparency until it forms a rectangular pyramid (sans top).
Step #8:  Secure the loose edges together with cellophane tape.

Using Your Hologram Viewer

There are many 3D hologram videos available.  I've catalogued several of my favorites  here .  

Step #1:  Open a 3D hologram video
Step #2:  Place the narrow end of your viewer on top of your iPhone/iPad
Step #3:  For best viewing, move device to the edge of a desk or table
Step #4:  View the hologram from the side of device

This nifty project is sure to DELIGHT your students!  Once again, thanks for: