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PD Lives in a Little Submarine....

Sing along??

Not sure what Periscope is? Periscope is a way to live broadcast WHATEVER you are doing. Viewers can tune in and interact with you via chat as you share your live broadcast! If viewers like what they see, they can tap the heart symbol giving you immediate feedback on whatever it is you are sharing. Life is rich...there are SO many things you can share!!

Where Does Professional Development Fit In?

What I've found MOST valuable about Periscope is the network of AMAZING teachers that I've followed through Periscope. Teachers sharing classroom strategies, happy classroom wisdom, technology tips, organizational tips,  classroom management tips, freebies, classroom tours and MORE!! I've learned so much from the sage wisdom shared by my periscope colleagues...infinitely more than I've learned from scheduled professional development days.

How Can I Be a Part of Periscope?

Periscope is FREE and EASY to join! Although it plays nicely with Twitter, you don't HAVE to have a Twitter account to use Periscope.

Google Play:

Once you've downloaded the app, either use your Twitter account or phone number to sign in. It's as easy as THAT to start!

How Do I Maximize Its Usefulness?

Just like any Personal Learning Network, you have to follow folks with like interests and those that are sharing things you are interested in. Just as there is a wealth of information to be gleaned from Periscope, there is also a lot of non-relevant scopes being shared.  Follow #hashtags that are relevant to your interest area.  Watch scopes.  Read profiles.  Follow people that have similar interests to yours.  Your Personal Learning Network through Periscope is one that needs to be nurtured and grown but with care, you'll find it a warm, helpful, motivational and powerful learning tool!!

Some recommended Scopers

#1.  Me!  @mrshoward118

#2.  Tony Vincent

#3.  The Whimsical Teacher

#4.  Shelia Jane Teaching

#5.  Misty-Krazyaboutteaching

#6. iteachtvnetwork

Oh Darn...My Favorite Person Just Scoped and I Missed It!!

Snap...that happens.  Periscope is tricky because it ONLY lasts for 24 hours.  You snooze you loose....MOST of the time.  Many scopers 'katch' their scopes and keep them through  This website archives periscopes for any time viewing.  Katch mine at:!