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I Have/Who Has (Looping Games) Made EASY!

Here's a great 5 minute way to create an "I Have, Who Has Game" (also known as the loop game) for your classroom.

If you're not familiar with the game, it's a whole class way to review vocabulary or concepts in ANY content area in a way that involves the entire classroom. 

Student A: (Reads the word side of his card):
     "I have MEEK" 
Student A: (Reads the definition side of his card)
    "Who has SELF-CENTERED or VAIN" 
Student B: (Reads the word side of his card)
    "I have CONCEITED" 
Student B: (Reads the definition side of his card)

This continues until all cards have been read and it leads back to the definition of MEEK where you started.

My new FAVORITE way to play these games is to distribute ALL of the cards, provide directions, offer candy, and let the whole group work together to sort themselves out.  You'll see an amazing level of collaboration, cooperation and problem solving...similar to that of an Escape Room!!

I used to LABOR over getting one of these games set up.  Quizlet, however, solved that problem for me.

Here's how I did it:

#1.  Build a set of words and definitions in Quizlet. (Mine are characters and descriptions from the book The Westing Game)

#2.  Print them in this format:

#3.  Cut apart the cards and lay them side by side in a column.

#4.  Remove the bottom word (leave the definition) and bring it to the top.

#5.  Slide the remainder of the column down.

#6.  Glue together each word with the definition it is next to.  (Yes, they are wrong!)
#6.  You can start in ANY spot and you will make it back to the beginning.

Do this with any content area and any grade level:
  • Math Facts!
  • Vocabulary words and definitions for any content area
  • Social Studies & Science Vocabulary
  • Synonyms/Antonyms
  • Characters in a novel
  • Foreign Language Vocabulary
Like things slightly prettier?   Me too!  Here's an I Have Who Has (Loop Game) for The Black Plague that I formatted using the method above, but designed in Powerpoint.

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