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Student Display Work...See It, Scan It, Hear it

With the year kicking into high gear, I've decided to redesign a classic display that I have used in the hallway. Most years I have the students complete an "I Am" poem as an introductory assignment and nice display to have in the hallway. This year, I plan on taking that project and implementing two new features. One facilitates integration of the Common Core Standards (by encouraging and demonstrating fluency) and the second facilitates the integration of some excellent technology--QR Codes.

My plan is to post the decorated and typed poems in the hallway.  But as an added feature, I am also going to have my students record themselves reading their poems.  These recordings will be stored in a QR code that links to those recordings.  With the QR code displayed on the wall near each student's poster, anyone with a smart device can scan the QR code and hear each student's recitation.

How to do it:

#1. Here is the organizer for the "I Am" Poem:

#2. For the recording, I have downloaded a free app called Audioboo.  Students are NOT required to create an account to use this app, they simply press record and read their poem.

#3. Once they have finished recording, they give their "boo" a title, save + upload.  Audioboo will give an option to copy the link to this uploaded recording when you press the share symbol.  I am having my students save this to a 'note' on the ipads so they can use it later.

#4.  In my building, we do NOT have the ability to print from our ipads. So for this next step, it's off to the desktops!!   The students will then use the site  By typing the link to their audioboo into Kaywa, they can generate a QR code, print the code and adhere it to their "I Am" poems.

Viola....a multi-media student display.  Anyone with a smartphone and 'scan' app can hear the students reading their poems as well as see them.    See it....scan it...hear it!

Want to hear mine?? 

Now that's using your Smarticles!!