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Cooking Up a QR Code and GeoCache Concoction

This is not my first exploration into the power of the QR Code in the classroom. Previous forays into this excellent little piece of technology have afforded my students with a fabulously unique experience as outlined in this December blog entry: QR Code Blog

If you are unfamiliar with the QR Code, I invite you to explore this Common Craft video which succinctly describes the QR Code.

My most recent experience with QR Codes was NOT small, NOT straightforward and most certainly could have been accomplished without the QR Codes, but what DID happen was just outside of the technordinary.

technology + extraordinary = Technordinary!

With the help of a zeal-filled student teacher, I designed a hybrid QR Code Scavenger Hunt featuring Geo-caching. A dynamite way to integrate outdoor exploratory learning and QR Codes. To explain what we did, I've broken it into tages.

Stage #1: Design

-Create a 4 slide Powerpoint Presentation on a Person of Significance

-Upload powerpoint to Edmodo backpack

-View uploaded powerpoint in a New Window and 'capture' the unique URL for that page

-Open Kaywa to generate a unique QR code for that URL

-Paste the URL under Content Type: Text and generate your QR Code.

[At this point the teacher collects the QR Codes to hide in predetermined locations or 'cache' locations throughout the school property. If you are unfamiliar with Geocaching, please see this blog entry on the Geocaching concept]

Stage #2: Search

-Enlists the help of parents armed with GPS devices.

-Provide the latitude/longitude coordinates of each hidden 'cache'

-When students locate each cache, they remove 1 QR code from the container. Each QR code represents one Powerpoint presentation.

-Gather ALL QR Code Caches

Stage #3: Data Gathering

-Arm student groups with ipad2 or greater, ipod touch (2nd generation or greater) or another smart device with an app that has the ability to scan.

For a list of QR Code Scanning apps, click here:

-Have students scan each QR Code, view the Powerpoint and take notes.

A smorgasboard of technology and learning. Now THAT's using your Smarticles!!