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Open House - Keeping in Contact

Open house coming up?  Try these neat ideas for facilitating parent communication!

#1.  Generate a "me card"  QR Code.

Try leaving a QR code out for parents to scan that contains INSTANT contact information!

Here's How!

  • Go to this site that generates QR Codes  
  • Edit the information to reflect your own contact information.
  • Encourage parents with smart devices to 'scan' the code.  Your contact information will import directly into their contact list.

 Try it!!  Scan this code:
Not sure how to scan?  What is a QR Code?  Watch this Prezi:

#2.  Register with Remind

Remind is a free account that allows teachers to build classes, register parents and PUSH notification out to parents about important events occurring in the classroom.

Good communication....happy parents!

Now THAT's using your smarticles!!