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Vocabulary Alpha Bingo

Word Study is so important! Please stop by my store for this FREE Vocabulary Bingo Board (with a twist).

My students continue to immerse themselves in vocabulary and it is working! Great words are appearing in their writing and in their everyday language. One way I've accomplished this is by creating as many quick vocabulary games as possible. This week's freebie features an effective Vocabulary Alpha Bingo game.

 Here's How it Works:

#1. Students brainstorm as many synonyms to the featured vocabulary word that they can. They may also use a thesaurus to search for synonyms or a word related to a vocabulary word. For our purposes, the word was MELANCHOLY.

#2. Write each synonym in the appropriate column on the bingo board based on the first letter of the word. For example: If their word starts with “A”, they place it somewhere in the first column.

#3. Students continue searching for synonyms or related words until they have filled their board. It is okay if students have more than one word with that starts with the same letter!!


Use this interactive: and plug in every letter of the alphabet.

#5. Spin. As each alphabet letter comes up, they can cross off their synonym.

Now THAT's using Your Smarticles!!