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QR Codes - Classroom Implementation

Armed with my new i-pad (sans wifi access) I decided to convert some existing classroom materials into activities that can be introduced with QR Codes. My latest idea was to take a six +1 traits of writing rubric activity and update it with QR Codes.

Here is how it works.

#1. Students evaluate pieces of writing based on the Writing Trait of Ideas
#2. Students read the expectations on HOW to score a piece based on that trait.
#3. Students score each piece
#4. Students use a QR code reader (I used my i-pad....NO WIFI connection required) to reveal the actual score that the piece should earn.
#5. Scanning a second QR code reveals the rationale for the score.

Not too fancy schmancy, just a quick, clean and easy way to get off the ground with QR codes.

Download the free lesson here:

Creating QR Codes:
Free QR Code Reader on i-pad:

On a scale of 1 - 10, I think this lesson is a: qrcode

Now THAT's using your smarticles!!!