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My First Linky Party

So today I first heard about "Linky Parties" or a "Blog Linky Party". These parties are defined as situations where the host encourages participants share a link on the hosts site and ALSO share that link on their own blog post, encouraging blog traffic in both directions.

My Fantastic Finds of the Week

Zooburst: This Web 2.0 Tool allows students to write and publish digital stories including speech bubbles that are mini-podcasts of students speaking the dialogue of the stories that THEY create! It also allows augmented reality via a webcam showing them reading their own story in 3D.

Pinterest: I'm still wrapping my head around this one, BUT, it did allow me to tap into a whole new network of educational blogs that I had not previously discovered through my PLN. Therefore, I'll designate it as a Social Networking device that features creativity. Members share images taken from the web that they like and share them. You can pin things and follow others that are pinning and categorizing things. I see it as a hybrid of Twitter and a bookmarking site such as

Capzles: Create rich, multimedia timelines.

Enjoy these timely discoveries!! My daily discoveries are often Tweeted as well. I limit my tweets to links, tools and sites that I feel have educational value or applicability to the classroom. You can follow me @mrshoward118.