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Precisely the Perfect Picker

So tonight was was tinkering around with html code attempting to create a randomized prize picker for my classroom and I managed to come up with a reasonable looking option (with a lot of tips from Tony Vincent's website!)

Here's what I created:  (Hit F5 or refresh to see the randomized items)

The above website required a bit of time and tinkering and will allow me to create an entire board of QR codes (all identical but the kids won't know that).  Each QR code will lead to the same website which has randomized html code built into it to provide a different result every time the site is accessed.

Here's a video tutorial on how I did it
Here's the html code I used

In pursuit of the perfect picker that DOESN'T require too much time and effort, I decided to explore and develop a list of recommended websites and methods for randomizing and choosing....all very fun and useful in a classroom!

Here are a few that I found:
Designed as a virtual rock/paper/scissors style website, this site works great as a student selector.  Is simply and easy to edit and use.
This tried and true random-name-picker by classtools has been a standby in my class for years.  The carnival wheel is one my students love.

Also by Class Tools, this fruit_machine provides a slot machine format with beeping sounds and 'yaaaay' cheering...annoying to me but the students love it.  I use it for vocabulary/alphabet bingo games.

Decide Now
Everyone thanks me after I recommend this $.99 app!!  It's truly one of my favorites.  Make customized spinners for ANY topic.  I keep it on my phone and have pre-built spinners with student names, the alphabet letters A - Z (for bingo) and for fun conversation starters.
The cute background with camel picture and customizable interactive spinner make this one fun.  I like the option to remove a name as well as the spin timer.

Other pickers that are not fancy but fast and effective:

Need ideas???

  • Add student names to pickers for stations, student selection, line leaders, classroom chores and turn taking
  • Create conversation questions (for student icebreaker activities)  Include questions like:  What are you most proud of? , Who is the bravest person you know? , What foods do you like? 
  • Create your own story starter lists!
  • Place vocabulary words within spinners and encourage journal writing using the words spun
  • Create poetry evaluation spin prompts
  • Create reflection prompts to use as exit an after lesson assessment. 
  • Practice parts of speech nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. 
  • Create spinners with review questions on them
  • Use blooms taxonomy to create thinking spinners with leveled questions. Students spin and answer corresponding question.
  • Take a look at Make Dice Lite!!!  A great app for customizing dice to meet many of your perfect picker needs!!
So many ways to use Your Smarticles!!