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Super Sorting Strategy - Word Sorts Gone Paperless!!

Today I stumbled across a SUPER app called Post It Plus.  This app was designed to keep collaborative brainstorming sessions rolling by taking a post-it note brainstorming session and making it digital and share-able.  In keeping with the Your Smarticles theme of hacking apps and making them useful in the classroom, I've brainstormed several ideas for using this app!!

#1.  Snap Your Sort

Take a list of words that you normally have students cut out and sort. I'm using Words Their Way spelling word sorts.  Open app and snap the word list.  If the app doesn't recognize the slips as post-it notes, it's ok, you can quickly crop and frame the words.  Post It Plus will then create a digital sortable word list that can be shared or saved as an image.  Another option would be to write (or have students write) each word on a post it note and then click and sort.   After the sorts are complete, students can save to the camera roll, email them, or export as a pdf for submission in Edmodo/Google Classroom.  This app also talks to Box, Dropbox and Evernote!!

 Here's a quick overview of the process.

Here I've hyperlapsed me converting a traditional word sort into a digital, sortable, shareable list....a GREAT way to save time, paper and capture the learning experience!!

#2.  Categorize Ideas

#3.  Organize Projects

#4. Conduct Semantic Word Sorts

Provide students with a set of words that have mixed base words, root words, prefixes and suffixes.  Have students snap the list and sort words based on the features that they have in common.

#5.  Sort ANYTHING?!

Whether it's vocabulary, ideas, books, historical figures, math problems you can snap and sort them using this app.  Within the app you can click on particular notes and they will enlarge.  This is GREAT if you are mirroring your device onto a display board!!  I like to display my twitter board and sort, share and save student's exit remarks.

Post It THAT's using Your Smarticles!!!