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Classroom Cagers That AR-n't Mediocre!

Finding ways to integrate technology into the classroom in purposeful, meaningful ways is a slam dunk!.  With a little ingenuity, just about any app can be ad'app'ted to meet the needs of your classroom.

Yesterday our focus word of the week was MEDIOCRE.  It's neither a good word, nor a bad one. Nonetheless, in my flipped classroom concept, the students interacted with the vocabulary word by viewing a video (via Google Classroom) and completing a Word Activity Sheet. They do this with the promise that in class we will play a class game featuring the word of the week.

For the word, MEDIOCRE, our class game involved the FREE augmented reality app called:  AR Basketball.

My muse for this lesson came from a video the students had seen featuring the reading strategy of context clues and the word MEDIOCRE.  Here's the video from Learning Upgrade  In the video, the singer states that Zac is a mediocre basketball player.  He is neither a good player, nor a bad player.  You can say he is somewhere in between.  
In the end our objective was to determine the most MEDIOCRE basketball players in the classroom using AR Basketball. When you open the AR Basketball app, AR Basketball provides a target that you aim the ipad or iOS device towards.  When the target activates, a virtual basketball net appears.

 Here's how the class game works:

-Open the AR Basketball App
-Activate Single Player Mode (no log-in or account needed)
-Enter Training Mode

-The time is set to 5 minutes. 
-Set up the target (try it here on the screen!!)

-Students take turns shooting to obtain a score. To shoot, pull back on the small basketball and works best if you use a mediocre amount of force!!
- At the end of 5 minutes, record every team's scores in a spreadsheet
-Calculate the mean (I use this Google Sheet)  to determine the most MEDIOCRE team!!

AR Basketball for vocabulary is an alley oop using Your Smarticles!!