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Jenga Vocabulary Game Stacks Right Up!

Wooden it be nice to find ways to occupy your kiddos this time of year?  I have the solution to any of your creativity blocks. It's Jenga...and it's knot a problem!

We used Jenga to help us review our vocabulary word of the week.  To do this, I created a game that corresponds with turns taken during a Jenga game.

Here's How it Works!!

Set Up Directions:

#1.  Select 20 blocks and write a number 1 - 20 on each

#2. Pick two or three blocks and write the letter ‘B’ on them.

#3. Set up the tower by layering 3 blocks at a time in staggered fashion.
#4.  Students have a numbered list of their spelling words.

Game Play Directions:

#1.  The game operates in rounds.

#2.  Each student take turns pulling a piece out from the tower.

#3.  They examine their piece.    If it’s:
-Blank- nothing happens and they have to place it on top without knocking the tower over

-A number- Someone else asks the student to spell the word that corresponds to that number on the spelling list. If they student gets it correct (and places the piece on top of the tower without knocking it over) they get awarded a point/ points.

#4.  Point system.

Correctly spelled words in the first round are worth one point, second round 2 points… third round 3 points… etc.

#5.  Bombs.  A “B” for Bomb- The student’s total score goes to zero.

#6.  Winning

When the tower falls, the person who knocked the tower over can’t be the winner. You look back at the round when everyone had the same number of tries. Whoever’s score is highest, wins.
In my classroom I DID use actual Jenga block sets, however, there is a FREE app that is also suitable for this game!!  
I promise your students will not be board with this game
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