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More Aurasma-Tazz for your Classroom

The Aurasma app puts the power of augmented reality into your hands.  One can simply amaze their students armed with only a smart device, the FREE aurasma app, and trigger images.  For basic information and a general overview of Aurasma, see:  Aurasma-tazz.

In a previous posting I provided a general overview of the app and gave some samples.  Below are some actual student Aurasma samples for you to try AND two video tutorials demonstrating the app AND providing a step by step lesson on how to do this yourself!!  Remember, to 'view' these samples, you must follow the Aurasma channel, mrshoward118.  

(and yes, if you're sitting at your PC with a smartphone in your hand, these images will trigger!!!)

How to follow a channel:

Student Voiceovers

A student drawn 'scranimal' as a trigger image with a Window's Movie Maker video as an overlay to hear the student reading their poetry recorded on vocaroo.

Book Reviews

A book cover as a trigger image with a student reading their book review in front of a green screen.

Secret Reveal Aura

This secret reveal balloon contains a "prize" statement when triggered.  Create a page full of images, each with different messages of classroom rewards.  Win a homework pass, pick from the treasure box, win a free eraser, pencil, bookmark, sit in the teacher's chair, exchange chairs with a fellow classmate, etc.  Use the site to create your bubbles.

Grab this secret reveal FREEBIE at my TpT Store!!
Secret Reveal Embedded into Instruction

Aurasma Demonstration

Grab a smart device and get scanning!   Before you know it this Aurasma-tazz will trigger Your Smarticles!!!