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Putting some Aurasma-tazz into the Classroom!

Augmented reality; the wave of the future or today's reality? Aurasma will help you realize it's here....NOW!

Aurasma is a scanning app that activates when it hovers over a pre-designated trigger image. You can make any static item or image a trigger. Aurasma recognizes triggers when you follow specific channels where those triggers reside. The items that can reside within the triggers (called AURAS) include: images, animations, links, videos, etc. This technology opens up tremendous possibilities for classroom integration.

Using Aurasma

#1. Download the free Aurasma app
#2. Select the spyglass and search for this channel: mrshoward118 or type in this link:
#3. Select [ ] to open the scanner. Hold your device over this image and watch the magic.
Within this business card, I've embedded a message and the following clickable links:

So Many Classroom Possibilities!!

1.  Renaissance Scavenger Hunt

Below I've created a classroom scavenger hunt.  The scavenger hunt has silhouette AURAS featuring famous people with speech bubbles describing who they are and clues with AURAS containing puzzles, videos and other effects.  My students LOVED this.

2.  Connotation/Denotation Scavenger Hunt

This Common Core Aligned Scavenger Hunt features the use of Connotative word meanings.  Students travel to stations (which are triggers as long as they select the correct answer!) Stations self-check and provide students with clue letters to solve a riddle.

2.  Embedded Videos

Use cover art as a trigger and embed book trailers, student book reviews or even vocaroo voice overs!

3.  Secret Reveals

Create a sheet of auras each with a different reveal when scanned.  These could be used as behavioral rewards, clever review activities and more!

4.  Landmarks and Field Trips

Go to your local zoo or museum with the Aurasma app in hand.  Create AURAs out of important exhibits with supplemental videos and materials.

5.  Create Digital Greeting Cards

Embed an Aura inside a greeting card.  Provide them to students as rewards OR have students create their own videos and embed them within an Aura in the card.

Adding Aurasma-tazz to your classroom?  Now THAT's