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Livebinder Professional Portfolio

More than ever, educators are finding it necessary to document, demonstrate, collect, secure and otherwise house information that supports our teaching practice.  This artifact, required by mentored teachers as well as initially certified teachers, can take the form of a collection box, an artist's folio, a videotape, a CD a scrapbook, a web site or a filled three ring binder. In NYS it is now required as a part of the APPR (Annual Professional Performance Review) process. Professional Portfolios are nothing new, but I decided to take my trusty binder and place it online in the hands of Livebinders.

Livebinders allows you to create a portfolio as a living document.  The binders you create in Livebinders can have links placed in them, html embedded into them, documents uploaded and linked to it and other media housed and hosted within one binder.

Ideas for Customizing your APPR Livebinder

Go ahead, be brave, embed a Glogster with multi-media links.

Glogster makes the introduction to your binder dynamic and demonstrates your technology use.  Mine has an 'about me' glogster that provides links, quotes, images and a video teaching philosophy created by me.

Include links to student work, student blogs, YOUR blog or student portfolios, student work created using Web 2.0 Tools, and any digital media created by you or your students.

Include a Visual CV.  Visual CV is a free interactive multimedia CV/Resume hosting site where you can insert media, link to online accomplishments, etc.

Embed a Snacktools flipsnack flipbook of student work or class book.

Insert a Symbaloo of digital tools utilized in your classroom

Using an online planbook?  Insert the link to your planbook.  I utilize

Insert a link to your teacher webpage

My APPR Binder


About Me

Domain 4a - Reflecting on Teaching

 -student work samples
-featured lesson/unit plans

Domain 4b - Maintaining Accurate Records

-Common Formative Assessments
-Homework Calendar
-Curriculum Maps
-Digital Planbook

Domain 4c - Communicating with Families

-Extra help opportunities
-Remind 101 use
-Thumbs Up Awards
-Course Syllabus
-Family Communication Materials (Class Newsletters)
-Teacher Website
-Weekly Student Assessment Sheets

Domain 4d - Evidence of Participating in a Professional Community

-Professional Development Opportunities
-Committee participation
-Leadership roles
-Professional Publication
-Grants Written/Received

Domain 4e - Growing and Developing Professionally

-Personal Learning Network
-Conference Presentations

Kind Words/Recommendations

-Include any evidence, documents, letters, awards

Domain 4f - Showing Professionalism

-Degree advancement
-Courses taken
-My Learning Plan (Evidence of attendance at mandatory meetings)

Give it a try!  I promise, someone will think you're using your Smarticles!!