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I had them ROLLING this time!

My latest classroom 'invention' is not necessarily technology intense but it is simply useful and effective. It is a spin off of the game Left Right Center: LCR® LEFT CENTER RIGHT DICE GAME - TUBE/colors may vary. The original game was introduced to me by family members and it kept a group of multi-aged cousins occupied for hours!
To play the game you start with three chips and three dice. Each player rolls 1, 2 or 3 dice depending on how many chips they have. If an "L" comes up, you pass chip to the left. If an "R" comes up, you pass your chip to the right. If a "C" comes up, the chip goes into the center. If you are fortunate enough to roll a "DOT" you do not have to do anything. The winner of the game is the last person with any remaining chips.
The advantage of this game is that it can be played with 3 or more players AND no player is ever truly 'out' in the game...there is ALWAYS a chance that chips will get passed your way.
In the case of my classroom, I modified this game a bit and called it S.L.R.C. (We lovingly call it Slurk) The only difference in my classroom is that if you roll a "DOT", you have to spell a word from your spelling list. If you spell it correctly, you keep your chip if not, you must place it in the center.
Instead of purchasing several sets of L.R.C., I use three standard dice per group and give them this rule sheet:

Other ways to modify the game:
(1) Use individually wrapped pieces of candy instead of chips!!

(2) Play a whole group game with an interactive wipe board using virtual dice

(3) Instead of using spelling words...ask test review questions, vocabulary or math questions!.

(4) Use the Virtual Dice app on your i-pod touch or i-pad.
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