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Web 2.0 Tools

Trying to incorporate more technology into your classroom?  Below are several Web 2.0 tools that will do the trick!

What is a Web 2.0 Tool?

Web 2.0 Tools allow students to demonstrate their learning in a digital fashion by customizing and creating online work.

How can I Integrate them into a Classroom?

To integrate Web 2.0 Tools into the classroom use a site such as Edmodo or Schoology a blog or Wikispaces!  Any of these sites facilitate student ownership of Web space for sharing items that they create.  Within each of these sites, students can share screen captures, images or embed html code to share their work.

More about Embedding code: 

Try any of these great FREE tools!

Fake SMS Generator
Use this pretend text message generator as a way to demonstrate student learning

  • Have students create a dialogue between characters in a novel
  • Have students create a dialogue using spelling words
  • Have students create a dialogue using content specific vocabulary words and context clues
  • Have students write riddles or knock knock jokes specific to curriculum
This free mind-mapping tool allows for image saving and .html code capture.  With it, students can:
  • Use it for semantic word mapping
  • Map connects between words and their roots
  • Create character maps
  • Create concept maps
  • Create mind maps and/or flow charts

Although this site requires student e-mail accounts (I use a free service called for student e-mail), students love the easy to use cartoon characters, settings, speech bubbles and props in this terrific tool.

  • Have students generate dialogue between characters in a novel
  • Have students generate dialogue between invented characters about a novel
  • Have students generate a cartoon discussing a specific content specific topic. (photosynthesis, solving a math problem)
  • Use the Traitr Doo option and have students demonstrate their understanding and visualization of characters.

Artpad provides a digital art canvas for students to demonstrate their creative side.  Providing markers, paintbrushes and a pallet of colors, students can create their own paintings and 'share' those paintings.  The painting recreates itself before your eyes through a replay function and is great fun to watch!

With this Web 2.0 Tool, students can:

  • Draw a visualization of story events.
  • Draw (and solve) math problems
  • Depict a new version of cover art to a story they are reading.

Need More Ideas?

See this Livebinder under the Assignments Tab for more information and ideas for integration.

Need Even More Ideas?

Please see my literature circle homework response menu.  It provides all SORTS of options for student literature responses using Web 2.0 Tools

Please see my ipad apps for literature circles.  This document provides ideas for many free iPad apps and how to integrate them into literature circles.

Please follow this blog for routine updates, tips, ideas and FREEBIES!!