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A Wiki Lesson for Literature Circles

I've participated in a technology initiative for a year now and have become very versed in the tools available through Web 2.0. My challenge has been (and continues to be) how to seamlessly integrate those tools into my lessons. Recently, I started a lesson that I think may interest those ELA teachers out there due to the fact that it is a differentiated lesson the integrates Web 2.0 tools but also allows for the student that may not have consistant access to a computer.

In conjunction with literature circles, I became the administrator of a wikispace and then assigned each student their own wikispace.

Each week students receive an assignment menu of choices. Their choices will include literature response questions, journal entries and more technology oriented questions. The differentiated component is that the STUDENT has the choice regarding which item they want to work on each week AND how involved you want to get with their wiki.

If the student is not a technology person, they do not have to use the wiki (but I'm finding more often than not, when given the option, they go BANANAS). If the student LOVES technology, they're probably going to really enjoy some of the technology assignments.

The Menu option includes tecnology activities to use with but it also includes typical responses that can be written either on the wikispace or on an assignment sheet.

To see this unique way to teach literature circles, visit any of the following wikipages:

Homework Menu Choices:
Wiki Tips for Students:
Ideas and Tips for Students:
Sample Wikispace:
Main Wikipage: