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Queing Up for Quizlet!!!

Here's a great 5 minute way to create an "I Have, Who Has Game" (also known as the loop game) for your classroom.

If you're not familiar with the game, it's a whole class way to review vocabulary or concepts in ANY content area in a way that involves the entire classroom. 

Student A: (Reads the word side of his card):
     "I have MEEK" 
Student A: (Reads the definition side of his card)
    "Who has SELF-CENTERED or VAIN" 
Student B: (Reads the word side of his card)
    "I have CONCEITED" 
Student B: (Reads the definition side of his card)

This continues until all cards have been read and it leads back to the definition of MEEK where you started.

I used to LABOR over getting one of these games set up.  Quizlet, however, solved that problem for me.

Here's how I did it:

#1.  Build a set of words and definitions in Quizlet. (Mine are characters and descriptions from the book The Westing Game)
#2.  Print them in this format:

#3.  Cut apart the cards and lay them side by side in a column.

#4.  Remove the bottom word (leave the definition) and bring it to the top.

#5.  Slide the remainder of the column down.

#6.  Glue together each word with the definition it is next to.  (Yes, they are wrong!)
#6.  You can start in ANY spot and you will make it back to the beginning.

Do this with any content area and any grade level:
  • Math Facts!
  • Vocabulary words and definitions for any content area
  • Social Studies & Science Vocabulary
  • Synonyms/Antonyms
  • Characters in a novel
  • Foreign Language Vocabulary
Like things slightly prettier?   Me too!  Here's an I Have Who Has (Loop Game) for The Black Plague that I formatted using the method above, but designed in Powerpoint.

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