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Goal Setting and Forward Thinking: Why I Blog

Blogging isn't for everyone.  It can seem self-promoting or intimidating. Not everyone wants their words out in the world for everyone to see.  I get it.

For me, blogging started as a way to share the things about education that made me excited!  When I made a pretty bulletin board or found a strategy that I really reached my learners, I wanted to shout it to the world.  That's how blogging started.

Blogging for me has now evolved.  I'm finding it especially useful as a way to set goals.  As an educator that is CRAZY about new digital tools, I often voraciously consume a new tool and learn it myself,  and brainstorm a myriad of ways it can be used, but sometimes I don't share it with my learners!!!  Blogging has become a GREAT way to set goals about tools I wish to use and strategies I wish to employ.

The ISTE Standards for educators really refine the way that educators need to approach goal setting and reflective practice.  The specific standards that address goal setting are:
Educators continually improve their practice by learning from and with others and exploring proven and promising practices that leverage technology to improve student learning. 
1a . Set professional learning goals to explore and apply pedagogical approaches made possible by technology and reflect on their effectiveness.
1b Pursue professional interests by creating and actively participating in local and global learning networks.
1c Stay current with research that supports improved student learning outcomes, including findings from the learning sciences.

So as a learner and as a reflective practitioner and blogger, I'm sharing a few goals for myself as this year progresses:

#1.  Attend to digital equity.  It's real and it's relevant!!  Brainstorm and lobby for alternate solutions to bridge the equity gap.
#2.  Pursue.  Chase digital dreams.  Find ways to fund them, find ways to integrate them.  
#3.  Share.  Continue blogging and continue ways to share what you've learned through your experiences and through your personal learning networks. Participate in Twitter Chats MORE and contribute to online forums.
#4.  Reflect.  I'm always moving forward.  It's ok to stop, slow down, and look BACK.
#5.  Enjoy.  I chose teaching for a reason and sixth graders are a RIOT! Enjoy them.

and of course, as anticipated, I recommend that everyone set a goal to keep