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Thinkin' about Tinkering with Tinkercad!

3D Design and 3D modeling can be intimidating concepts to the unfamiliar educator; they were to me!! I stumbled onto Tinkercad as a tool for student learning after I received a 3D Printer through Donors Chose hoping to create experiences for my learners related to the 3D Printer. Certainly the 3D Printer opened the door to my exploration, but I soon realized


Tinkercad is a really great way to introduce students to redefine their instructional experiences using technology; think the HIGHEST level in the SAMR model for classroom technology integration. With Tinkercad, students are given a building platform and a suite of basic shapes, text and numbers, shape generators and more that allows them to creatively design three dimensional items.  From creating and designing customized keychains to linking together more complicated shapes to create larger items, you'll LOVE the adaptability of Tinkercad and the level of engagement that you'll get from students!

How can I use Tinkercad?


  • Have students create artifacts such as a Cuneiform Tablet or an Egyptian Cartouche with their names or initials

  • Have students research an historical monument and design it.  Conduct a gallery walk using Object Viewer on Merge Cube rather than printing the artifacts.

  • Design Molecules in Science class and have students participate in a mystery molecule identification game by sharing their creations.

  • Have students design a symbol that represents a character or theme from a novel that they are reading

What if I have NO Clue what I'm Doing?

Start small and start tinkering yourself!!  Let students learn by doing and you'll be AMAZED at what they can do!