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Foldify and a Few FANTASTIC Ideas!!

The Foldify App has been on the market for some time and seems to have stood the test of time.  At $3.99, it's an investment to consider and as an educator are you TRULY willing to invest $3.99 in an app that generates color printed foldable paper??  I say YES!!   Here's why.

Here's my recent videolog providing a summary of this SUPER app.

Try these GREAT ideas to integrate Foldify into YOUR class

#1.  Foldify captures the creative element of Maker Spaces.  Maker Spaces aren't ONLY about technology.  More and more proponents are encouraging craft supplies as a part of the maker movement.  Folidfy fits in nicely with the Maker spirit allowing for ingenuity and creativity.

#2.  Create scenes, settings and backgrounds for your stop-motion animation videos!!  Create a HOST of items that can be used as the key figures or backgrounds in stop motion animation films lending a greater depth of ownership and creativity in the process.

#3.  Educators can create instructional resources for students.  Create a review dodecahedron ball ( Students roll the ball and view a question with a corresponding answers on the opposite panel.

#4.  Create customized story cubes/comprehension cubes for students to use with the novel of YOUR choice OR create open ended story cubes to tap into student's imaginations!

#5.  Have students demonstrate their understanding of a novel by creating a cereal box book report OR a milk carton with an ad for a missing person!

#6.  Recreate a scene in a novel or a concept in Science/social studies by having groups create a foldify diorama.

Hopefully there is something here you can use!  Thanks for