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Pretty Pretty Pictures with Pixlr

I like clipart. Each pretty picture that adorns my pages, websites, lesson plans, smart notebook files, powerpoint files, etc. adds a special touch or contributes to the theme in some way. is a great website for you to use to edit/customize/create or otherwise manipulate digital images. Pixlr's free editor shares several features with Photoshop, and for me has worked swimmingly as a free alternative.

Standout features of Pixlr include:

`It's free
`No log-in or plug ins required
`Image importing and exporting
`Supports: .jpg, .png, .gif and even .psd
`Allows you to create, edit, crop, resize and reformat clipart/images

If nothing else, pixlr solved one pesky problem whose solution had always eluded to remove or change a background on a piece of clipart.

For a quick 'how to', please watch this video!!

Image editing with Pixlr and Your Smarticles!!