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High Tech-spectations for Evernote!!

Recording Student Data Through Evernote

Recordkeeping.  Parents need information. Administrators want data.  Teachers want a trail of documentation.  The result (in my case) has often been piles of poorly penned perceptions placed in my planbook.  Enter Evernote.

Evernote is a suite of software and services designed for note taking and archiving.  Evernote works on a desktop but also includes a free app that allows a user to access notes and data from any location.  So how does this translate into a useful tool for teachers?

Using the FREE Evernote app on my iPad, here's how I transformed Student Data collection in my classroom.

#1.  Notebooks.

With the Notebook feature, I created one notebook for each class that I teach, one notebook for parent communication and one notebook to house notes and minutes from meetings that I attend.

#2.  Notes

Within each notebook, I have ONE note established for each student to record important data, anecdotal notes as well as any communication/contact that I have with a parent. When I created my "notes" I created one as a template so that I wasn't retyping the same data again and again into each note.  I then copied and pasted the template each time I created a new note for a student.

#3.  Voice Notes

  RECORD voice notes within each student note.  After I talk to a parent on the phone, I dictate a quick voice note into the student record.  ***A Super Time Saver!!***

#4.  Email into your Notebooks 

 Evernote provides you with a unique email address that you can use to forward emails directly into your Evernote account . (But you can't email INTO a note itself) If you tag the subject line with @(notebook name) it goes directly into the appropriate notebook.  I place links to parent contact notes within each student note.

Whenever I reply to a parent e-mail, I automatically bcc my Evernote Notebook titled Parent Contact and provide the subject line @parent contact to keep a file of e-mail responses. ***Keeping yourself Organized!!***<

#5.  External Links

Embed external links to student work, student profile information, etc.

#6  APPR Documentation

Within my professional portfolio, under Domain 4b Maintaining Accurate Records (Danielson) I provide a link to my evernote notes as evidence.

Frequently Asked Questions

??How do I know my evernote email address??

To find your evernote email address,

  1. Click on the 'elephant' symbol in the upper left hand corner
  2. Click on your profile icon (upper left hand corner)
  3. Scroll down in the Account Settings.
  4. Tap evernote email address.

??How do I direct a note into a specific folder through email???

  • To email a note into a notebook, simply amend the subject line of the email to read @notebook name

??How do I move misplaced notes into specific folders???

Within the note you want to move, click on i the symbol.  A menu will open listing all available notebooks.  Select the one you wish to move the note into.

Keeping organized and on track using Evernote AND Your Smarticles!!