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QR Code Book Review Project

I'm QUITE excited about our latest project. We are going in front of a Green Screen to conduct book review projects!! In our school, our audio-visual technician in the high school has worked diligently to develop a routine news broadcast created by students called Viking Vision. These broadcasts take place in front of a green screen and are very professional and well produced.

Attempting to capitalize on the availability of this resource, my middle school students and I are going to venture up to the high school to 'green screen' a few of our book reviews. Once the book reviews are recorded, we are going to upload them into Dropbox .
What is GREAT about dropbox is that for each uploaded file, you now have the ability to create a unique URL to that file. Those unique URLs can be 'captured' inside a QR Code. Therefore, each video I upload into a drop box can be seamlessly linked through a QR code. The QR codes that we develop are going to 2 places.

#1. We are going to insert them into the school library books and develop a QR Code scanning station so kids can come and watch video previews of books before they loan them.

#2. We've created a QR code book review bulletin board. Guests with smart devices can scan and view video recordings of book reviews on our class bulletin board.

Click here for a Student guide to writing a book review