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Digital Class Book of Poetry

Our recent class efforts involved the writing of poetry!! Inspired by the work of Jack Prelutsky's book, Scranimals, my students were encouraged to create a creature that blends an animal with a plant or any other item.

Students were given this assignment sheet to assist them in their task:

The resulting project, poems and images were quite wonderful and my initial objective was to create a class book. Instead, I went virtual and created a Voicethread. If you are unfamiliar with Voicethread, it is a collaborative slide show that allows people to share images and comment on the images. The student's drawings were uploaded into Voicethread and each student then recorded themselves reading the poem that they wrote.

Once the virtual collection was created, I embedded the voicethread on my educational website to share with students, parents and colleagues.

Painting is silent poetry, and poetry is painting that speaks. -Plutarch

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