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Practical Application of Glogster is now offering to educators the opportunity to establish student accounts under a master account created by a teacher. If you are unfamiliar with Glogster, it is a type of online poster that enables the user to customize and decorate a poster with a plethora of pictures, images and catchy designs. In addition, you can turn this poster into a multimedia portal that includes images, videos and links. You can check it out here: Glogster

In my classroom this month, I had students create Glogster posters that reflect their learning on a specific topic in Social Studies. What I asked the students to do was create a Glogster that met certain requirements in order to help them collectively review for an upcoming benchmark exam.

The Glogster they designed had to:

1. Contain at least 5 accurate facts about a topic that we had covered so far this year. (the were encouraged to pull questions/facts from notes and tests that they had in their binders)
2. Contain at least 3 images relevant to the topic
3. Contain at least 5 open-ended questions at the bottom of the page that could be answered by reading the information on the Glog

In addition to creating their Glog, students had to become a F.A.N. of at least 10 of their classmates Glogs. To become a F.A.N. they had to type the following in a comment section of the classmates Glogs:

1. Pick their Favorite picture on the Glog and say what they liked about it.
2. Answer one of the questions asked on the Glog.
3. Say something Nice to the Glog creator

This project was received quite enthusiastically by my students and it generated a great buzz throughout the sixth grade as students from other classes asked me about how to set up Glogster accounts. Bear in mind that to create an individual Glogster account, students must be 13 years old, however, if you establish a teacher account, students can be registered as users under your account.

See examples of student Glogsters here:

Latitude & Longitude:
Geography of Mesopotamia:

Early Man:
Mesopotamian History:

Student Assignment Description (Word Document)on Scribd: