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Giving a Nod

Just as the Edublog awards recognizes educators for their use of technology, today, I'm writing to give a nod to a colleague of mine who shared a marvelous use of technology in her math class this week.

This particular lesson uses a Web 2.0 tool entitled, Scribblar. Advertised as a simple, effective tool for collaboration, my colleague recognized that it could also be used as a simple, effective tool for collaboration on math problems.

Creating several rooms (with several pages) in scribbler, my colleague pre-loaded several rooms with different math problems that can be rearranged and solved using order of operations (PEMDAS). The students were directed to the room's URL with a partner to collaborate virtually, chat, and rearrange the problems until they resulted in the desired number.

A simple, yet effective, way to reinforce math concepts utilized a Web 2.0 tool.

And now for my nominations:

Best individual blog: Larry Ferlazzo
Best teacher blog: Mary Howard
Best individual tweeter: Larry Ferlazzo
Best educational wiki: cooltoolsforschool
Best Resource Sharing Blog: Sue Waters

Nominate your favorite educational technology blog here: