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TPT Tips

While exploring other teacher's stores on TPT, I noticed how AMAZING and DYNAMIC their TPT storefronts looked.  Inspired by their greatness, I decided to figure out how they did it and converted one element of my store front from boring to WOW!!!

Here's how I did it:

Step One:  You need to access your Personal Quote section in TPT

  • My Account::Store Profile::Edit
Step Two: Design.

  • I consider myself design impatient so I like to use Canva to make me look good.
  • Select Design ---->Use Custom Dimensions    (I used 457 px x 157 px)
  • Create slides
  • Save slides
  • Download slides
Step Three:  Create a GIF on
  • Upload images
  • See the preview and adjust the animation speed
  • Keep the size the same
  • Select Create GIF Animation
  • Select Download the GIF
Step Four:  Host the GIF image online
  • Log-in/create a Photobucket account
  • Upload your .gif image
  • View Upload
  • Copy the Direct link to your image
Step Five:  Reduce link size with a URL Shortener like, tinyurl or Google URL Shortener.
  • Paste the Direct Link to your image in the URL Shortener and copy it into the URL Shortener
  • Copy the new shortened URL
Step Five:  Find and shorten ANOTHER URL to could be a website, a product on your store, anything.

Step Six:  Create code
  • Below you'll see some code.  
  • Type it in a Word Document
  • Replace my shortened URLS with both your new URLs. 
  • "Scrub" the code for any formatting by highlighting your text and using this button:  

  • Copy the code once you've edited/modified it.

Step Seven:  
Paste in TPT Store

  • My Account::Store Profile::Edit
  • Paste the new code into your Personal Quote Section
VIOLA!   You've got a new animated .gif as your Personal Quote on TPT!!  Using Your Smarticles!!!