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Class Dojo

If you're looking for a technology enhanced way to manage your classroom and monitor classroom behaviors, then Class Dojo is just the ticket!  This Web Tool (and app) allows teachers to build classes, design desirable positive (and undesirable negative) behaviors to track and report as well as communicate with parents and students.  The interface features adorable critters OR adorable monsters (is that an oxymoron?) but also allows the user to upload customized pictures/symbols/avatars.  I chose a sports theme!

Class Dojo is also available as app.  Armed with the app on a smart device, teachers can migrate cordlessly throughout the room and record/gauge student performance.  The sound feature DEFINITELY gets students attention as they're receiving positive points (or accumulating negative ones) but one can also disable the sounds so as not to be too distracting.  During group or independent work, projecting Classdojo on a smartboard is WONDERFUL.  Students can record their own attendance and see at a glance their behavior status.

Here's a livebinder presentation I gave recently featuring the basic features of the tool.

Just getting started with ClassDojo??  Download the FABULOUS FREEBIE!!  It includes hall passes, certificates, clipart and more!!