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Try Integrating These Apps!

Below are some great apps and strategies for you to try in your classroom!


This app provides the ability to record AND create a direct URL to that recording.  Great for fluency practice.  Create more depth to your hallway displays by recording student voices, capturing the URL in a QR code of a student reading their own writing, poetry and/or describing their work!!

  • Conduct a mock interview with the author of a novel.  Describe why the author wrote the novel and what things inspired him/her.
  • Practice fluency and record a student reading his/her favorite book.  Share on a blog or Edmodo and encourage comments/feedback.


This app creates a customized avatar.

  • Have students use it to create safe profile pictures.
  • Create character visualizations from novels
  • Create character images, save to camera roll and insert them in other apps to allow for more details character depictions.


This terrific little app is GREAT for story telling.  It allows students to BUILD a story and then illustrate it.

  • Create books that sequence events in a story
  • Retell events in a novel
  • Retell the sequence of events in a nonfiction passage
  • Practice and demonstrate dialogue punctuation

    Looking for mind-mapping options?  This little app does the trick!

    • Create semantic word maps
    • Create flow charts
    • Demonstrate connections between words and concepts
    • Demonstrate connections between words and their roots


      Insert images, overlay text and voice comments, share slideshows.  This dynamic presentation app is marvelous for classroom projects.
      • Have students locate and create a slideshows of images or symbols that suit a novel and explain why they chose them.
      • Use as an alternate presentation tool for your former Powerpoint Projects
      • Create shareable class books of student work

      Excellent tool for students to demonstrate their understanding of concepts.  ESPECIALLY for math.

      • Use Show Me to create and explain the plot outline of a novel.  Label and describe the Exposition, Rising Action (3 events) Climax, Falling Action and Resolution.
      • Upload an image and label the important parts.

      Sync with quizlet or allow students to create their own flashcards.  This easy to use app is nicely customizable to your needs as well as student needs.

      • Create a deck of character description flash cards based on anovel.  The deck should include events, details and character traits from characters in your novel with the character’s name on the other side of the flashcard.  

      This great little app syncs with Google Maps.  Allows students to edit, mark, label, tack zoom and otherwise personalize a map.  Maps possess unique URLs that can be shared and referred to at a later time by you OR other students.

      • Use My Maps Editor to show locations that a character has traveled or is traveling in your novel.  Submit the link to your customized map.

      If you haven't discovered this one yet....WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!!  Popplet is a go to app for demonstrating student understanding in ANY content area.  I perceive this one as a mind mapping app on fluffy steroids.  You can mind map (but it's cuter), you can insert images and links.  Draw arrows from one box to another to demonstrate connects.  Allows for a PLETHORA of curriculum opportunities.
      • Create digital frayer models for content vocabulary.
      • Create character maps (insert a customized avatar in the center and label with character traits)
      • Label or diagram science specific items (the heart, a tree, etc.)
      • Insert an image of a country.  Surround with facts/details about that country.

      Remember magnetic poetry?  This appropriate version of magnetic poetry lends itself well to the classroom.  

      • Use word magnets to create a poem that reflects the theme of a novel.  Screen capture that poem and submit the image.
      • Use word magnets to reflect a reading
      • Create free form poetry

      Write About This
      This terrific little app can easily be the first step in a 1:1 iPad environment.  With both a free version and a paid version, this app provides images and journal prompts for the Language Arts classroom.  So many cute and compelling images, sure to delight!

      This app has the potential to profoundly impact the way we view and use technology.  Provided with triggers, this app generates 3D Augmented Reality images, links, text, whatever bringing "aurasma-tazz" into your classroom!

      Adobe Idea

      This app provides tremendous flexibility with drawing applications.  My students had a GREAT time creating their Latin Word Root Beasts using this app and this free worksheet!   Draw anything your mind can imagine and save to the camera roll.