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It's So Easy Being Green...

Green....the color of frogs, leaves, grass and book reviews??!?!?

I've recently returned from #ISTE2015 in Philadelphia and my head is swimming with ideas and inspiration for the upcoming school year.  In my zeal to get started, I've begun dabbling with Green Screen by Do Ink which I heard MANY folks talking about at the conference.  Green Screen makes it easy to create green screen videos and images from your iPad or iPhone.

Here's a quick overview on how Green Screen works.  Green Screen technology allows you to superimpose your subject onto a virtual background.  To do this takes a green background of some sort.  I obtained my green screen via a quick trip to JoAnn Fabrics.  I purchased 2 yards of Multipurpose Craft Material in a clover green color and simply taped it to a bare wall.  I've heard of others using chart paper or even using construction paper taped to pizza boxes for a smaller stage.

 I then placed my ipad on a stand and did my best to balance/angle the ipad so that the green fabric backdrop was the only thing captured in the app.

To use the Green Screen app, you'll need to know the basic components.  Green Screen has 3 layers.  The bottom layer appears in the back of any video you create, and the middle layer in front of that.  Any components placed in the top layer will be in the very front. Elements on the middle and upper layers use chroma filters to make portions of the image transparent letting the background show through.  For this project, green is the key chroma color.  Anything green will disappear and the image behind it will show through.

Here's a quick tutorial:

For my Green Screen project I decided to add a little Super Power into student book reviews with a little app mash up.  I began by using a comic themed app called Half Tone to create a superpower backdrop for my green screen video.  

I placed these images on the bottom layer as it is the backdrop that I wanted all the action to take place in front of.  Students are to then use a graphic organizer to plan out their book review summaries that really provide crraack....whaaam....and baaam!  Once they've planned their summary, they step in front of the green screen and using the Green Screen app, their image and words are recorded like this...


If you'd like a template, tutorial, images and/or resources to do this yourself, check out this link!!!

Green Screen recording with Do THAT's using yoursmarticles!!!